Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Chapter 3 


Settings: India, Charlie’s house. 


Characters: Indian Prince, Willy Wonka, Granpa Joe, Charlie.

Summary: In this chapter Granpa Joe tells Charlie the history of the chocolate palace of the Indian prince. Granpa Joe reports that the Indian Prince wrote a letter to Mr Wonka and asked him to come to India and built him a colossal chocolate palace.
Wonka did it and the palace was wonderful. It had hundreds of rooms and all was made of chocolate. Wonka warned the prince that the palace would not last very long and that he had to start eating immediately the palace. But the Indian prince didn’t want to eat his palace and shortly came a very hot day and the prince woke up in a big lake of chocolate.
Charlie was amazed after this story and immediately asked Granpa Joe if everything was true.
Granpa Joe answers that it was real, naturally, and then begins to narrate another story about Wonka’s factory and his Secret Workers.

Personal comments: This chapter is very beautiful because it illustrates what Willy Wonka can do with chocolate. He has built even a chocolate palace that represents the dream of a lot of children.

Relevant quotations and some comments on them : “When you turned on the taps in the bathroom, hot chocolate came pouring out.”
I like this sentence because I adore chocolate and it is beautiful to think that chocolate (at least in this book) can pour out of the taps in the bathroom.



Chapter  4

Settings: Charlie’s house.

Characters: Granpa Joe, Charlie, Willy Wonka.

Summary: this chapter talks about Willy Wonka’s factory and his mysterious workers.
Granpa Joe tells Charlie that in the beginning Wonka’s factory had got a thousand workers, but one day Willy Wonka discovered that the rival factory produced the same sweet as Wonka’s factory.
Mr. Wonka realized that in his factory there were many spies and decided to close the factory . The factory was closed for months, but one day the chimneys started again to smoke and the factory started again to work.
This event was very strange because nobody was seen entering the factory.
Anyway the factory continued to produce and sold Wonka’s Chocolate and his recipes were very delicious and very innovative.
The only thing that the people knew was that the mysterious workers of the factory were very short.

Personal Comments: this chapter throw ourselves into the heart of this story… mystery, suspense and new emotion flow from every single word of this beautiful story… the wonder grows up in our mind…and the story takes its shape in our imagination.

Relevant quotation: "The place is full of workers!" the people shouted. "But nobody's gone in!
The gates are locked! It's crazy! Nobody ever comes out, either!"

This quotation is very interesting because it shows us the mystery of Wonka’s factory and increases the suspense of this story


by Marco and Simone R.