Shoes by Etkar Keret

A short story from the collection Gaza Blues (2004)


This small  Website has been created inside the online collaborative project "The World in a book" 2005/2006 that our class, V A LST- ITIS "S. Cannizzaro" of Colleferro- Rome, Italy, (Photos ) has carried out with Ohel-Shem School  of Ramat-Gan - Tel Aviv, Israel (Photos ).

We have worked collaboratively  on two short stories, Shoes written by the Israeli contemporary writer Etgar Keret and Quando si comprende (When you realize) written by Luigi Pirandello, one of the greatest Italian novelists and playwrights of the 20th century.

We have also exchanged dilemma questions and answers on the two main themes of the stories we have read: the meaning of memory (Shoes) and war (When you realize).  See questions and answers on our two forums:  Italian forum  -  Israeli forum

Our aim in this Website is presenting the story in its English version, the Italian translation we have made and some useful links about the author.


Shoes:  English version



Shoes: a short presentation


Shoes: Italian translation