Love songs' lyrics


The schools involved in this collaborative project (Jingshan School of Beijing, China and ITIS "S. Cannizzaro" of Colleferro - Rome, Italy) have worked on the lyrics of some popular love songs.

During the school year the students have produced the presentations of the songs containing information on the singers/bands, the analysis of the lyrics and they have also invented some love stories "behind" them.  During  two videoconferences ( 28 Nov: photos5 Dec photos ) they have presented their works each other.

Some students have also tried to write lyrics for new songs.

Have a look at all this and.....enjoy yourselves!


Presentations from Italy and China


Yesterday (The Beatles)


Angie (The Rolling Stones)

Always (Bon Jovi)

Stand by me (Ben E. King)

No woman no cry (Bob Marley)



 I miss you (Blink-182)


Hey Jude (The Beatles)

Don't cry (Guns n' Roses)

Without you (Mariah Carey)


New lyrics created by the students


Dear friends

No choice


Project coordinator:

Daniela Ianni

Graphic project:

Ernesta Cicini