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School Year 2007 / 2008


classes' areas (2005-2007)




Description: The objective of the project is to allow students to have a better understanding of the local architectures and its historical significance. Through the exchange of information, students will get the opportunity to know and appreciate the beauty and significance of the buildings and structures available in various countries. During the project, they will also get the opportunity to find out how much their people know about these buildings, and hence, plan to develop a product that will help to promote and educate the public of the selected structures. Finally, the project also aims to be socially responsible by getting participants to design a fund raising programme to raise funds for an organisation, ‘Habitat for Humanity’.


Mrs Koh Caiyu (Cat)
Pioneer Secondary School


About the past


Description: "About the past" is for students to investigate certain events in history by collecting oral evidence from observers and participants in that event. As the emphasis is on oral history, the project allows students to have a first-hand experience in social history. Students are also expected to complement the evidence from their oral interviews with archival research work. They can visit the library to obtain information on their subject matter. "About the past" aims to achieve greater inter-generational bonding by having students to interview members of the older generations and emphasize with what the older generations have gone through in the past.



Mr Benny Lim

Millennia Institute


Literary Corner


Description: Literary Corner allows students to express themselves in short stories, poems, plays etc given certain themes throughout the project timeline. With guidance from their teachers and from the works of other student participants, they will develop their writing skills.

They will also be expected to critique the work of other participants, even if it is only to say that they enjoyed reading the piece of writing as it caught their interest.

Students will learn more about the different cultures of the participants from their writing. They will have an opportunity to question the ‘writer’ about his/her subject matter. In this way, communication will be encouraged.

As all work will be uploaded online, student participants will be able to view all contributions easily. Teachers will be able to use the material for their own lessons if they wish.

We hope that many of the contributions will be illustrated by budding artists from participating schools (not necessarily the writers themselves).

Ultimately, the aim is to have an online publication which can be printed out by schools if they wish or just read online for pleasure.


Mrs Leonora Anne Peers

Garden International School

Kuala Lumpur



ITIS Cannizzaro Social Network


Description: The students will share information about themselves such as everyday life, hobbies, family life and the area and town they live in. But they will also have to describe their own country, its history, geography etc. In return the students receive the same information from the other countries. By receiving these pieces of information about other young people, their lives and country, the students can put the pieces together and form a whole picture – like MOSAIC

The project is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 – The subjects are: Introduce themselves, their home, school, diary during Christmas.

Phase 2 – The subjects are: Town they live in, cultural box (national symbols, legends, national food etc.)

Phase 3 – The subjects are: country (facts, climate, sights they have seen themselves, famous national people and inventions etc.)

At the end of each phase the students have to make an evaluation. The students read though the information from the other countries and write down their impressions + questions they want answered and mail it to the country in question which will respond.


Mrs Helene Tind


Thriller chain story


  • Website:

Description: A thriller story written in turn by all the participating members in different periods of the school year.


Mrs Helene Tind


Culture Capsule

  • Website:

Description: Culture Capsule tries to pair classes in Europe and Asia that will exchange parcels holding objects, pictures, letters, etc. The aim is to promote better knowledge and understanding between the youth of those two regions.


Mr Romain Caillaud



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