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I.T.I.S. "S. Cannizzaro" web site:




In this web's different sections you will find every kind of information you may want about our school, its courses, experiences, teachers, students.

Here is a list of the sections with their Italian names \ English names and a short text about what you can find in each of them:

Chi siamo \ Who we are

In this section you will find information about the school, its courses, timetables, subjects and the professional profiles the students can get with our diplomas.

Dove siamo \ Where we are

Here you can see a map of the area where Colleferro is situated and the ways to reach it by car.

I nostri lavori \ Our works

In this section the mutimedia hypertexts produced by both students and teachers are listed and described with short texts and pictures.. You can find also short descriptions of the researches produced by students and teachers of our school and published in cooperation with other organizations and institutions.

I nostri progetti \ Our projects

This is the section where you can read the projects written by groups of teachers in order either to have some special activities funded by the Education Ministry or to communicate the internal organization of the school to the community.

I nostri amici nel mondo \ Our friends in the world

In this part of the site there is a list of schools, including links to their home pages, our students are in touch with via E-mail.

Le pagine dei docenti \ Teachers' pages

These are the pages where the teachers introduce themselves as informally as possible (hobbies, interests, studies, etc.).

Le pagine degli studenti \ Students' pages

In this section the students build up their own home pages where they can post whatever they want about their personal interests and passions, and show the works they have produced or are producing at school.

I nostri siti preferiti \ Our favourite sites

A selection of sites we consider particularly useful, interesting or simply pleasant to visit.


Information about meetings, teacher training courses, extracurricular activities for students and every other activity planned and organized by the school.

Have a nice trip!


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