Progetti Collaborativi e Scambi culturali

International Club dell’ITIS Cannizzaro

L’international Club svolgerà attività durante l’anno con lo scopo di:
 - supportare tutte le iniziative internazionali (progetti collaborativi online e scambi culturali  face-to-face) che si svolgono  all’interno delle varie classi
 - creare iniziative sul territorio per raccogliere i fondi necessari alla realizzazione di tal iniziative
  Per conoscere il progetto e le finalità didattiche dell'attività

The World in a Book  dal 2004 al 2007

This project consists of a collaborative reading activity in which the students of two/three classes of different nationalities share the experience of reading, exploring and developing the contents of a literary work.

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"Chain Stories" dal 2009 al 2011

This project "Chain Stories" allows the participating students to write chain stories of 5 different categories like thriller, fairytale, fantasy and a Robinsonade in English + a German story as well. We have experienced that it was a great success to let the stories be interactive, so we will do that again. Each chapter will end with a choice if the person should "do something" or "don't". Then there will be two groups to continue the story. One group continues from if the person "does something" and a group continues from "don't". Both groups end their chapter with a choice as well and so forth. The students decide for themselves how long the story should be. An illustration should also be created along with the new chapter. The final product will be an interactive "book" where each student can decide how the story is. The stories will all be written in English - except for the German one. At the website there will be a chat & blog forum for the participating students.

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