Fairy tale





Write a fantasy story

A fantasy is usually about contradictions between good and bad forces and even though the story takes place in a superstitious universe it can often tell us something – a morality – something about problems every person know of. An example of a fantasy is:

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Harry Potter

  • Lord of the Rings



The action can take place in different worlds

  • One world – the magic one

Everything takes place in the magic world – there is not a real world like the one we live in. In this kind of story the world is usually like the Middle Age

  • Two worlds – the real world and the magic world.

In this kind of story there are two world – one like the one we live in – and a magic world with magic creatures where everything can happen.

  • An extension of the real world

In this kind of story we usually start in an ordinary everyday situation. Then suddenly mystic things happen but the persons rarely question this. Then through a magic portal we end up in a magic world.


People / creatures

  • Can have magical/ technical powers.

  • Characters speak or write in a language which is unique to your own world.

  • Characters don’t necessary look like humans like we know them.

  • There are creatures like dragons, monsters, trolls, giants etc. and they often have magic skills.

The magic passage

  • There is a magic passage in the transition between the real world and the magic world. It can be a wall, a door, a closet door or something else. The people must pass it to enter the other world.

The magic object

  • There can be a magic sword, a flying carpet or something else the people use to help them out, to help them solve the problems.



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