Fairy tale





Write a fairy tale




1 Where
Where does the story take place? There is a tendency to write it like this:
Home out on a journey home again/ a new change
It starts with the sentence “Once upon a time”
It takes place at a castle, a poor cottage, deep in the forest.
The country seldom has a name.

2 People
The main character is usually a child or..
a young man who goes out to seek for fortune and luck or..
a young woman in distress forced to do something she doesn’t want to but has to in order to save someone she loves.
Royalties like kings, queens, princes and princesses.
Some evil person
Maybe the characters have magical abilities and usually the person’s look reflect the person’s character.
The humans are contrasts. Evil vs. good. Beautiful vs. ugly. Rich vs. poor etc.

3 Fantastic creatures
Animals can speak and understand humans. Sometimes they even act like humans.
Can be good or evil. Their looks often reflect their personality.
Can have magical abilities or is a mythical creature like an unicorn or a goblin.

4 Fantastic means
Magical numbers like 3 – 6 or 9.
There are repetitions
There is a magical object, a magical meeting or a magical passage.
A transformation takes place. A frog turns into a price if it gets kissed or humans are transformed into animals by sorcery.




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