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Write a Robinsonade




1 The action

A robinsonade is about one person/ or people who end up on a deserted island. It can happen because of a flight accident or falling overboard from a ship.

You hear about how they manage/ survive and how they are rescued. Usually it is only one person, sometimes two but never a group of people and they have to live of what is on the island – the fruit, plants and animals.

Often something scary or dangerous happens while they are on the island. Attack from animals, a broken toe/finger or what is worse, an infected wound, pirates living on the other side of the island.

2 Genre

A robinsonade is often written like a novel or a diary.

A novel is a story where many things can happen. It can be written from many different points of views.

A diary is written by an I-author and is very personal. The author writes about his/her thoughts and emotions in details. A diary can only be written from the author’s point of view.

3 Composition
A robinsonade has a composition which looks like this:



Callout con freccia a destra: The rescue



Callout con freccia a destra: Prepara-tions  
for going home



Callout con freccia a destra: Drama-tic  expe-riences


Callout con freccia a destra: What
life is like on the island


Callout con freccia a destra: The loss
and the strand-



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Write a Robinsonade


Callout con freccia a destra: The 
first couple
of days 
the island