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1 Atmosphere
In a good thriller you can use different devices to create a spooky atmosphere.

2 Exterior
the story can happen in a scary place (cemetery, an old empty house, in a dark deserted road
, dump or factory, in an alley)
the story can happen at a scary time (full moon, at the stroke of midnight, the 13th , at
The story can happen when the weather is bad (it was a dark and stormy night...)
Usually thrillers take place in an ordinary place like in a normal city with normal people, but still
you can create a spooky atmosphere by using the language. Choice of words and sentences can
create an exciting and scary story.
The use of adjectives can describe the sinister atcommosphere (dark, rusty, ugly)
use describing scary words (blood, creak, hoarse, rotten)
describe what people feel (fear, disgust, panic)
if a person is being followed you can write in shorte sentences. In that way the reader gets a
feeling of speed and panic.

3 The Supernatural
in some thrillers there are scary supernatural creatures (warewolves, zombies, vampires,
witch, troll, an evil restless spirit) who the main caracter has to fight.
The story can take place in a parallel universe to our own world.


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